Directors blog update

Directors Blog update.

Hey everyone, I guess my blog update is way over due.

Just in case you all didn't know we have completed the Homeowner film. It was submitted to Storyhive last week, and should be online for viewing on Feb 29th. We will need all your help when that comes for votes.

Overall it was a lot of fun making this movie, we had a great time. The filming went pretty smoothly, there were a couple of shots that I wanted to get that we didn't but, it was very minimal. Luckly our awesome First Assistant Director Talia was awesome and kept us on track, so our days were on time. The SFX Makeup was awesome and our ghost looks really good.

The Post Process went okay, considering we had some drive issues, and the footage was acting all weird. After some emergency situations editor Martin Dunne and I were able to get everything sorted and back on track.

Sound went great with Daniel Kaga killing it in audio, and Blake Matthew turning out some great musical scores.

There are some more behind the scenes photos and video links on the movies website, be sure to head over there to take a look.

Thats all for now. But we may host a live Q&A in the near future if you would be interested let us know.