OH yeah, BTW. We got the Storyhive grant to make Homeowner. Forgot to let everyone know on the project page.
So its full steam ahead


So the Pre-production is in full swing already. We are a tenitive date for shoot as Jan 9,10. That's scary because its only a month before we have to hand in the project. Which makes it pretty tight for editorial, sound and colour but there isn't much choice. With only a month before Christmas we would have major problems finding a location in time, and then most of the crew would be on holidays.

This Saturday we have our production meeting. Again, It's early but I want to give everyone lots of time to prepare before we get there. We have a great crew with many people returning from Weirdo Hero and some new faces.

Met with Tina Hsu our costume designer and Byron Kopman our DP last weekend. Some great convo's about wardrobe for the Mary character and how we will use different looks at different parts of the story.
Byron and I talked about how we see the movie lit, and different camera angles. A few tricky bits are how we can shoot into the kettle without seeing the reflection of the camera. Thinking VFX but also considering some old school camera techniques to get around it. I have also changed a shot from a long push in in 24fps actor mixed with time lapse around her. This was going to be too tricky to pull off in the time we have, so I'll change that to different cuts of the same sort of gag. It will speed up our day and keep the edit points so we can shorten or elongate as needed. There is a 1.5 minute phone convo between Mary and her Sister Jen (Briana and Kim) that plays over top of this so we are sort of stuck to this time frame.
We also talk about how we can tackle the gag in the first page where the camera bring Mary into the door, she does a happy dance and then we move to the living room and then into a time lapse for evening. all without cutting the shot.
Depending on the location we might have to try and fake it in real time with some lighting techniques. Byron is going to think about it and see what we can come up with.

SFXMU has started with a life cast of our Ghost Actor. I'll post pics and announce who we cast for that role in my next update.

Ryan Curtis